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Rwby Roleplay

Rwby Roleplay

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Rain Moon By Rain-Moon Updated Nov 09, 2016

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Bat_Saturn Bat_Saturn Jan 07
Mark walked off the airship and looked around "wow I can't believe I'm here" he put his pistol in his holster
RaineItsuka RaineItsuka Oct 10, 2016
Raine looked around, mesmerized by the size of Beacon "Wow, it's so much bigger in person..." he mumbled, looking around
TheCrowsMan TheCrowsMan Nov 15, 2016
Logan sat on a bench thinking to himself as he studied a crow flying by
meowkittygirl45 meowkittygirl45 Nov 12, 2016
Robyn got off the airship while her maids carrying her bags she wants to help but they said no she understands thought.
ArmedandReady ArmedandReady Dec 05, 2016
Ocean stared at Sunset. "But its weird our brothers go to Haven. Im going here cos stuff and your here because?" Sunset trailed off. "My mother works at Beacon." Sunset made a 0 face. "But I-" Ocean knocked into someone.
Jake walked off the airship taking out the mag from his MK14 ember. He let out a sigh and looked around "So. this is where im gonna be attending... Huh seems like hell but ive been through actual hell... Shouldnt be to hard..."