Stuck Like Glue | ✓

Stuck Like Glue | ✓

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Scout Jones is witty, sarcastic, and sometimes a little too adminant for her own good. She's not one to accept change, but rather likes to live her life in a routine, secluded with her best friends. She lacks punctuality and because of this is forced to participate in her school's Annual Prom Auction. She sets out a plan for her friend to bid for her, not expecting anyone else to take a bid when she goes up. 

That's when never-smiling Jensen Michaels comes in. For a boy whom she's never talked to, it comes to a rather big surprise that he would bid $100 dollars just so she can be his prom date. 

And then there's the community service she must complete in order to regain all the hours she has missed from school from her tardiness. Spending her days after school as a volunteer at an Elementry is not what Scout expected, especially not when it means spending time with a guy that's a too much of a dick for his own good. 

Change is coming for Scout, along with some weird and awkward adventures, a bit of a love triangle, past events catching up on her, and a whole lot of karaoke nights, spent singing to High School Musical's finest songs.

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I'll run for president and make it legal. Who will vote for me?
ALEXANDER HAMILTON!!!! (a. k. a. when you're a thespian and you're obsessed.)
hastagraura hastagraura Nov 08
Who said it ain't. Me and mine are going on five years straight
rafififi rafififi Aug 14
Jeez prom is expensive tho, like dresses are a ton and then hair and makeup artist plus the tickets !!
krazyk360 krazyk360 Jul 13
You're not supposed to tell the teacher that detention isn't that bad smh
                              You have so much to learn
happybme happybme Oct 20
Everyone else here is all like "ew what's wrong with that dog" and I'm all like "how do you go five seconds, let alone a whole WEEK without noticing that stuck to your shoe??!!"