Good As Dead (Book One of The Skin Witch Series)

Good As Dead (Book One of The Skin Witch Series)

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Nina Belmonte knows her way around death; as the daughter of skin witches lost in a magical catastrophe when she was just a baby, she grew up used to fighting on her own, tooth and claw. But her new neighbor is something she's never met, something that shouldn't exist. He's a vampire; vicious, cunning, and determined to hunt her down and suck her dry. 

Nina knows she can't beat him alone, but the only person willing to believe her is Gideon, a sexy renegade agent as mysterious as the magictech organization he once worked for. Despite the danger, his presence lights up her heart with hope, and maybe something more... 

Death comes for everyone, but Nina never gives up without a fight.


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Ok, first of all, WHO just asked for my help? Second, there may be a stick up my ass but your heads up yours.
Bex18202 Bex18202 May 01
I love the imagery of Nina remembering how her Gran's hands used to be strong, guiding her own smaller hands, and trying to reconcile that with how frail those same hands are now. That's beautiful :)
Um girl your a “wolf witch”, isn’t that more unbelievable??
Bex18202 Bex18202 May 01
Here you say she straightens up, but a few paragraphs below you say she's still kneeling because she realizes he can possibly see down her shirt.
Bex18202 Bex18202 May 02
This is an awesome concept. The idea of trying to give magic to everyone and it going horribly wrong, killing thousands of people and leaving hundreds of thousands more with lingering health effects. The way you describe what happened at Fivefields is brilliant.
Wow is she like part wolf or something? It would be awkward if she’s not.