The Boy in the Bell Tower

The Boy in the Bell Tower

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"Let me see your hand." She asked making me raises an eyebrow, "What?" I ask making her roll her eyes, "I said." As she grabs my hand and pulls it close, "Let me see your hand." She says with a little more harsh in it. I can feel my cheeks start to get warm as she looks at the palm of my hand. "Hmm..." She says a she traces my palm. "What? What do you see?" I ask scared of what she sees.  "Well, you see this line here?" She ask as she points to one line on my hand, I nod. "Well this line is your life line, means you'll have a long and happy life."  I give her a weak smile, "What else do you see?" I ask as she keeps looking at my palm, "Well I see your heart line and it's very long which means you have a big heart. But you know what I don't see." She says. "Wh... What?" I ask making her look up and smile, "A monster line. Which means, you're not a monster." 

Jack has lived in Norte Dame since he was a child, and his caregiver Judge Nevil has always told him that the outside world was a evil place where only the severs of Lucifer lived and sever. He even tells Jack that he should be lucky he doesn't live down there because of his powers, that God made him to sever only Nevil and to make him happy. But Jack had a secret, when Nevil would be gone for most of the day, he would sneak out of the Bell Tower and go into town to see the world, to be one of the human down there. And on one day, he ran into a girl, a gypsy girl. 

Elsa is a gypsy with the secret power of controlling ice. To everyone it's just a trick that most gypsy do to get some extra money. No one knew how she does it but she'd never tell, no reason to let people really believe she was a witch when really, she was just different and alone. That was until she meets the boy in the Bell Tower. 

Can Elsa and Jack fight through Judge Nevil, another man who wants to marry Elsa and half of Pairs trying to get rid of the gypsy people? Find out in The Boy in the Bell Tower.

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Ebonyfrost1 Ebonyfrost1 Nov 08, 2016
Oh my God!!!! I can tell that I will love this book already. It's awesome and reminds me of hunchback of notre dame.
Jelsa_G45PRINGLE Jelsa_G45PRINGLE Dec 04, 2016
"Which is crazy because I am working on alot right now but I just can't stop!" Totally me too. XD DDD @KittyKat060412
Youngwritergirl2 Youngwritergirl2 Sep 17, 2016
YEA!!!! Someone finally made a jelsa story based off The Hunchback of Notre Dame!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!! Keep up the good work KittyKat!