Smile For Me

Smile For Me

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follow your dreams or something By KeysxFlames Updated Oct 02, 2016

She hadn't smiled in years.

After the accident - she cringed at the word - she didn't ever want to again. It was a sick reminder of the scar she bared. She knew one thing for sure.

She'd never be the same.

Natsu Dragneel is determined to see her smile since the moment he laid his eyes on her.

Silly, Lucy thought, what a determined, naive young man.

ofthefeels ofthefeels Oct 21, 2016
Wow, I'm hooked! The beginning was awesome and I have high hopes for this story!
FairyCandyDiary FairyCandyDiary Dec 07, 2016
Hey hey! Calm down, it's your future making-you-smile husband/boyfriend/best friend!
NALU4ever999 NALU4ever999 Dec 10, 2016
Damn Lucy he meant it! Plus, he has a scar around his neck somewhere...
InfiniteMiste InfiniteMiste Oct 13, 2016
If Lucy Heartfilia walked into my coffee shop I'd be throwing her in the basement
pupqueen04 pupqueen04 Dec 19, 2016
Who's nobody? It's nice that he wants to talk to Lucy though!
Hint_Of_Rose Hint_Of_Rose Oct 23, 2016
I was bored until I found this. Haven't read an amazing FT Fanfic for a while now.