Unwed Mom's Club💍

Unwed Mom's Club💍

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A.M. HIGHT By Scarletletterheart Updated 7 days ago

*First book in the three part series*
June 1952-in a world of poodle skirts, convertibles, and rock and roll...
At seventeen, Isadora (Izzy) Twiss is forced to accept she has a growing problem, and no matter how much she wishes it away, it just gets bigger.  Having a baby out of wedlock is unacceptable. Those who do are shunned by their families and destined to lead a life of guilt and shame. 

She is forced to "disappear" to a remote island where a nun led home for unwed mothers lies, surrounded  by nothing but wilderness. There she meets other girls, all suffering from the same predicament. They bond together, sharing in the heartache that comes with carrying an illegitimate child. 

Izzy dreams that one day, no matter how far-fetched, love will be hers to have and hold. When a mysterious man arrives on the island, Izzy realizes her dream just might come true.

  • 1950
  • chicklit
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  • marriage
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Scarletletterheart Scarletletterheart Jan 26, 2017
Yes, I have watched it and love it! It's set in 1950s as well so it was perfect for pics :)
Kristiekc Kristiekc Sep 18, 2016
It was the same here only worse. The things that went on over here were criminal. This sounds really interesting as well. Completely different and important. The freaking Orbs have a lot to answer for , but they never will, and they never have.
MaryFahey MaryFahey Jan 24, 2017
Fantastic. Wes is a lot better looking than I imagined but the rest are all more or less as I did. So your character descriptions were spot on!
MelodyHall MelodyHall Oct 27, 2016
Wow! What a gripping blurb! I've never been too into this stuff, but if Sal Mason's reading, it has to be good! Gosh, I just can't get over the blurb! SO GOOD! :D
MelodyHall MelodyHall Jan 24, 2017
Guess apparently Donnie has some issues. XD Spoilers man. LOLOL
Kristiekc Kristiekc Jan 25, 2017
For some reason I imagined Wes as older looking . No Donnie deserves a picture with a dart in the middle of his forehead at the  very least muhaha :D