~Brothers Conflict~ [ You're My Sweet Heaven ] ~14 to 1~

~Brothers Conflict~ [ You're My Sweet Heaven ] ~14 to 1~

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MatsuokaRin By SAMEZUKA_academy Updated Jul 04, 2017

Hinata Lilac is a beautiful girl  with blonde hair and magnificent lilac eyes who is also Asahina Louis' real biological sister. She attends Bright Centrair Academy and is soon-to-be a famous idol.

She's got the looks of an angel, the voice of an angel and is very sweet but also mischievous.

What will happen when she and Ema set foot on the Asahina household? 

What will happen when 12 people; her brothers, start to fall in love with her? One by one shot by a cupid's arrow. 

* Disclaimer: I do NOT own Brothers Conflict.

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Wait Tamaki what are you doing here.  Being a creep that’s what your doing
Ahhhhhh the f is tamaki here 
                              *getting my bat one I started two and I swung the bat at tamaki as he flew into the sky with tears going down his cheeks.*
otakubluemoonwolf otakubluemoonwolf Nov 11, 2017
                              I feel so bad for Kaname NOT
I absolutely love fics that add the original dialog from the show in there... It makes it feel more authentic.
fariytailbnl fariytailbnl Nov 26, 2017
Omg I get this cause ohshc is number 5 on my anime list that has over 100 animes
Emma_Lee_Sebastian Emma_Lee_Sebastian Jul 17, 2017
So far I have seen three ohshc references. 1. Mori  2. Tamaki  3. Kyoya