Claimed (Daryl Dixon X Reader)

Claimed (Daryl Dixon X Reader)

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"The rules of surviving are
1. Don't fall off of a cliff
2. Don't fall in any holes.
3. Don't Fall into a swarm of walkers
4. Don't fall period."

"Y/n, shut up."

Daryl Dixon, a redneck motorcyclist.

Y/n l/n, a smart ass, trap and escape artist.

Do you think they could go well together?

Y/n is one of the most talented people in the apocalypse. She lives with a group, well, kind of lives with a group.

"The rules for not dying are
1. Steal food
2.steal water
3. Steal shelter
4. Live"

"Y/n, what is wrong with you?"

Don't underestimate the two of them, and especially don't try anything when they're working together. 

Y/n is 28 years old when it all started. She is an only child of dead people. She will need a new group, or just run away and live alone.

"The rules of living with a group
1. Find a group
2. Live with them
3. Become friends with them
4. Don't go on a shooting spree."

"Y/n, I will shoot you."

"What did I just say?"

Yep, y/n and Daryl are the best of friends.

Just in case you didn't know
Y/n: your name
H/c: hair color
H/l: hair length
H/t: hair type
E/c: eye color
F/c: favorite color

Just so I don't personalize you wrong :P

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I wanna punch Shane in the gut then feed him to the walkers.
SHANE ASKED YOUR THOTTIE ASS AN THEN SKULLFUCKED A KITTEN FROM HELLL- thats what i imagined after the capslock accident
AsherDixon AsherDixon Feb 18
BOOK ME IS EVERYTHING i mean i would have punched him straight in the nose so it would break then kick him in the balls but this works too
AsherDixon AsherDixon Feb 18
Saying it's claimed just reminds me of the Claimers *shudders* i hated those people
"...I knew that! I was just testing to see if you knew that!" *brattyness intensifies*
So true, I hate a lot of people and and a lot of people hate me so. Yep that my life for you.