Claimed (Daryl Dixon X Reader)

Claimed (Daryl Dixon X Reader)

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It’s yo girl By Tr1gg3r3dF3m1n1st Updated Feb 07

"The rules of surviving are
1. Don't fall off of a cliff
2. Don't fall in any holes.
3. Don't Fall into a swarm of walkers
4. Don't fall period."

"Y/n, shut up."

Daryl Dixon, a redneck motorcyclist.

Y/n l/n, a smart ass, trap and escape artist.

Do you think they could go well together?

Y/n is one of the most talented people in the apocalypse. She lives with a group, well, kind of lives with a group.

"The rules for not dying are
1. Steal food
2.steal water
3. Steal shelter
4. Live"

"Y/n, what is wrong with you?"

Don't underestimate the two of them, and especially don't try anything when they're working together. 

Y/n is 28 years old when it all started. She is an only child of dead people. She will need a new group, or just run away and live alone.

"The rules of living with a group
1. Find a group
2. Live with them
3. Become friends with them
4. Don't go on a shooting spree."

"Y/n, I will shoot you."

"What did I just say?"

Yep, y/n and Daryl are the best of friends.

Just in case you didn't know
Y/n: your name
H/c: hair color
H/l: hair length
H/t: hair type
E/c: eye color
F/c: favorite color

Just so I don't personalize you wrong :P

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Ash6747 Ash6747 Dec 24, 2017
I read that as "the walkers were banging the glass" and I was really confused/disturbed.
sassyflamefox sassyflamefox Sep 17, 2017
When you realize this is gonna happen to you one day ( Fack)
Ash6747 Ash6747 Dec 24, 2017
Definitely the most logical way to gain information about your mysterious possible attacker....sigh
Can I just say, that bit on the cover/title page was B E A U T I F U L
So true, I hate a lot of people and and a lot of people hate me so. Yep that my life for you.
"Oh god damn, okay lady calm down we can settle this with Merle dying. Please."