My Alpha Mate Doesn't Love Me And I'm Having His Baby!

My Alpha Mate Doesn't Love Me And I'm Having His Baby!

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Natasha By TashaW Completed

“All you want is this baby Dean! Why don’t you love me?” I yelled at him, emotional tears running down my face. Sure I was hormonal and just slightly crazy but I’d  just had enough.

When April met her werewolf mate Dean Rivers, all she ever wanted was for him to love her, but after three years together it’s becoming obvious to her that he’s only after their one of a kind baby. Will April go to great lengths to win Dean’s love? Or will she seek revenge for all the heartache by taking away the one thing most precious to him? His baby…

A/N The cliche-ness of this book was done on purpose. This book was a social experiment to see if I could get more reads by using the most cliche storyline ever and for a long time it was my most popular book by a mile, more so than the more original ones I'd written which was interesting. I still put my own twist on this book so you could still give it a chance if you so wish to :)

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soulfire746 soulfire746 Aug 19, 2017
Girl. If he won't say those three little words then you might as well leave then.
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jul 05, 2017
Making that decision full of pregnancy hormones is not good.  And why does she think he will be the only male she ever loves, grow the F up and move on.
I have to say this...
                              IM NOT PLAYING THESE GAMES
                              😂😂 I’ll go home 🏠🚶🏾‍♀️
OhItsRonni OhItsRonni Aug 20, 2016
I was thinking about Shawn Mendes' song There Empty Words and then Shawn Mendes started playing where's my Hogwarts acceptant letter
shyanne899 shyanne899 Jul 30, 2016
To be truthful love is an illusion. Which only the wicked or the heart of gold can't truly plat with out deceiving themselves in the middle of the game. Don't fall in live is what I am saying....and if you do. Plzzz get up before anyone sees you
OhItsRonni OhItsRonni Aug 20, 2016
"Cause I won't keep on saying those three empty words" 🎶🎶. I was listening to the song