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Humanity's Echo

Humanity's Echo

4.9K Reads 111 Votes 1 Part Story
Gavin Wilson By TheOrangutan Completed

The Planet Asimov. Utopia? Experiment? Hell... 

Asimov: home to a lone survivor and the mutated remnants of what were once the colonists. Light years from a distant Earth, all Adam can do is try to survive as his world changes around him. Messages asking for help will take decades to reach human ears, and all Adam can do is try to survive. A lone voice, the one remnant of a distant Earth echoes in the lonely depths of space...

JustDan JustDan Jul 20, 2015
now this is a story with potential to be expanded into a full book ...thoroughly enjoyed it ...
nevarah nevarah Jun 30, 2015
Thanks, @MorrighansMuse, for bringing this story to my attention. A sci-fi thriller that promises more. An uneasy feeling settles in around the directive to ...look after yourself... as the situation and mutants outside evolve. What will Council be up against when they arrive? Great story.
Emiloo Emiloo Jun 30, 2015
Hey, Gav! Well done on this one. On this one too, I should say. :-) Can't believe I had not read it. Very Azimovian (if that is indeed a word) too, so please be proud.
MorrighansMuse MorrighansMuse Jun 29, 2015
This is one of the most amazing stories I've ever read, Gavin. Awesome reveal and just plain amazing. I was seeing it play like a movie in my head and it needs a screenplay - like now.
RogerZimmermann RogerZimmermann Jun 29, 2015
What a brilliant story and a unexpected revelation true to that planets name. Wonderful a masterpiece.
Vogelstruis Vogelstruis Sep 12, 2014
Really great story. You are my favorite SF writer on Wattpad