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The Darkness Effect ✔️

The Darkness Effect ✔️

15.9K Reads 1.5K Votes 65 Part Story
Supreme Lord Willow By lothcatwillow88 Completed

In which a holocron is opened and a boy starts down a dangerous path.

Reybel Jarrus and the rest of the Ghost crew is back, and the rebellion is growing. Between Imperial deserters, an army of Force sensitives, old enemies, and recruitment, Reybel Jarrus and her friends have their hands full.

But the darkness is coming. Sometimes your enemies are the ones you love.



DISCLAIMER: I do not own Star Wars Rebels... Which is probably obvious haha

THE DARKNESS EFFECT goes into season three of Rebels

RANDOM2121 RANDOM2121 Sep 26, 2016
Willow please look at this 
                              Can you make them all go on a mission to Dathmar (INCLUDING KANAN) . That way Kanan could meet one of the force wielders there, and that person could heal his eyes and restore his sight through the force
                              P.S. DON'T MAKE KANAN BLIND PLZZZZZZZ
1000Couples 1000Couples Sep 21, 2016
If your goal was to make me cry,  You succeeded 😢😢😢
cote_akaishi cote_akaishi Sep 20, 2016
Phantom should be like Leia, she is force sensitive, but she doesn't want to be a jedi, instead she want to be a pilot, like Hera
Berrycicle Berrycicle Sep 20, 2016
I liked, good job, would you mind if I drew Reybel in her new outfit?
CassieLongbottom CassieLongbottom Nov 06, 2016
Then after him there will be a new one, and one after that and after that, and they'll always be more.
HotTopic97 HotTopic97 Nov 11, 2016
Hey guys! I have a story called Madness that im working on if anyone wants2 read