The Darkness Effect ✔️

The Darkness Effect ✔️

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In which a holocron is opened and a boy starts down a dangerous path.

Reybel Jarrus and the rest of the Ghost crew is back, and the rebellion is growing. Between Imperial deserters, an army of Force sensitives, old enemies, and recruitment, Reybel Jarrus and her friends have their hands full.

But the darkness is coming. Sometimes your enemies are the ones you love.



DISCLAIMERS: I do not own Star Wars Rebels... Which is probably obvious haha
Lovely cover art is not mine, it was made for me by @moonstarturtle on Tumblr!

- - May 08
That was me the other day with my friend 
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There is always more.. there will always be too many to count.
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The same thing I did/do
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Oh I know what was going on in there was conceiving You Reybel