Take Me {ON HOLD}

Take Me {ON HOLD}

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Tiana By shortyteee Updated Apr 20, 2011

When Summer Carter a gorgeous, carefree, rich, funny 19 year old who loves eating food, it must be her hormones, runs into Justin Edwards, the hot 20 year old bad boy breaking into her house, she decides that her life is far too boring and superior to be lounging around her mansion home for the rest of her life. So in her haste to live life to the fullest, she follows Justin around, demanding that she wants to be his partner in crime.

After a while Mr. Stubborn; aka Justin, finally gives in to her pleas and agrees that it could work better that way with someone to help cover up and also someone with the money to do so without causing dramas. 

But a little romance starts to spark while being “Partners in crime” and they soon find each other the hot new Mr. and Mrs. Smith, let’s face it, Summer Carter and Justin Edwards are the new black.

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shortyteee shortyteee Mar 27, 2011
@KnockEmDeadBabe Bahaha, I have always wanted write something like that! :D 
KnockEmDeadBabe KnockEmDeadBabe Mar 06, 2011
Hahha i was laughing so hard when she was eating the Doritos! 
                              and he was like
                              what are you doing? lol(: 
shortyteee shortyteee Feb 22, 2011
@spiceandsugar Thanks and true. But you see, people look for stories with hotties in them, and yes, the best criminals are hot and tall. (;
shortyteee shortyteee Jan 22, 2011
@xWinglessx  Oh yes, same here. At first I liked the new one, but after a while the smell of it turned me off, it smelt like vomit to me- not a nice mental image. Normal vegemite sure is the best, they can never make anything better than it. <3
xWinglessx xWinglessx Jan 22, 2011
@BrumbyGuardian Vegemite - heheh and now they have the neww on, cheessy bites. I prefer the originall
shortyteee shortyteee Jan 22, 2011
@xWinglessx  Yumm, sounds pretty good. In life my usual substitute for Nutella is Vegemite, I love Nutelle but my sister gets sick when she has it and my mum isn't a fan, so we never get it. Which is very depressing, so along comes Mr. Vegemite. :D