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Niko's Rose

Niko's Rose

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Twinkle Parihar By StarlingBird Updated Feb 03

Nikolas Knight. 

I really was fucked up. 
I thought losing my mother was the end of my sanity. Apparently not. 

Instead of celebrating. Like any other Made Man would do, who is getting pledged into leading The German Mafia.
I was stalking a girl for two hours. 
I had fallen in love with her at the very first sight.

She is the one. I had thought to myself when I first laid my eyes on her. 

Like a predator I stalked towards her slender body. 

And when my strong arms wrapped around her she let out a helpless whimper. 
Smiling, I sniffed her perfume with my lips on her exposed shoulder. 
"Please-Please let me go." She said softly against the screeching electronic Music.
I have heard the most beautiful music around the world in my eighteen years.
But none of it as beautiful as this girl's voice.
I wanted to say "I am never letting you go." And take her right there infront of everyone to let everyone know that she is MINE. 
But instead I listened to her softly cry trying to get away from me. 
I just couldn't scare her. 
"I am not like those girls." She chokes out motioning towards the crowd of teenage girls grinding themselves on college boys. 
My mouth opens but the words were left unsaid as she pulled herself out of my grasp and ran away into the crowd. 
And when I went to look for her. 
I promised myself. 
This will be the one and only time I'll allow her to go away from me. 
I wasn't going to spare another minute into letting her believe she is alone or if she even has a choice to be alone.
She belongs to me now. 

She fell in love with me too that night. 


Start Date: 10th September, 2016. 

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"You Make Me Feel, Like I'm Alive Again - Coldplay"

Nenerh1 Nenerh1 Sep 27, 2016
Wow, kill her family just to have her all to himself...selfish much?
I hope they change ideas or something happens and they fall for some angel girl and stuff (I don't like them at the moment , but I like ménage a trois especially with twins even though they're not but I'll do an exception and read it... Cuz I like ur books 😊😊)
JackieJake JackieJake Oct 13, 2016
Bloody B*tches. I don't like these psychopaths already! They need to die! Ugh.
sonicaris sonicaris Oct 04, 2016
Selena Gomez is not ugly but most beautiful girl of germany ? give me a break but i like the book so far
graciousamisha graciousamisha Sep 14, 2016
oh..... god such a fantabulous update ...cant wait for more...pls update soon
snaztastical snaztastical Dec 14, 2016
if someone killed my family i would never forgive them. i dont care if i loved them ever before, the feeling would be gone. i'll forgive you for doing things to me, but if something happens to the people i love, i can never forgive you.