Breaking Point

Breaking Point

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Quinn-Rose Carter By IceInSummer Updated Nov 16

With Batman off-world for a fortnight and Alfred in England, Robin is required to stay in Mount Justice for a while. And for some unknown reason, the nightmares that have been getting better suddenly become worse than ever, and the team find out.

Will Robin's past unravel to his teammates?

When he hits his breaking point, how unpredictable will the little bird be, especially when the Joker and Harley Quinn decide to pay a visit to Happy Harbour?

They always say there fine, because really it's the opposite.
Dude this is some seriously good Writting and I love it if you don't mind I think this book deserves more views then it has so with your permission I would like to put a link to it at the end of my next chapter for my Batfamily AU, it really deserves more reads :)
Amazing chapter ;) I'm inspired suddenly and I really just love how this is going ;)))