My Mentor   *Completed*

My Mentor *Completed*

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Niall Horan finally gets the nerve to try out for the x-factor.  He idolizes famous recording artist, Harry Styles.  Harry just so happens to be one of the new judges.  A connection is made but will it be torn apart?

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narryscuppa narryscuppa Jun 21, 2017
Can you believe Harry has his own album now and we have an actual 44 minute album I'm shool
melo_44 melo_44 Jan 09
I read this Book at least once a year, this story gets me so addicted and it's not like any other fanfic. I love it so thanks for writing it. 👍🏼❤️
AuntieJsANarry AuntieJsANarry Apr 24, 2016
This was a good chapter.  I loved that NIall told the lady that he is gay right off of the bat.  Good job so far. :D
horandousx horandousx Aug 15, 2014
oh gosh,  I'm so nervous for little nialler!  you're a great writer!  keep it up, love it! :)
BForeverYoung52 BForeverYoung52 May 19, 2014
A 6 year difference. Trying to get our hopes up, I see. *le cries bc le has no chance of being with le bae*
i_am_M_E i_am_M_E Apr 23, 2014
I feel like I'm Niall and I'm stinking stink in my bed and not walking on stage and I'm freaking out and very nervous!!!