Family, America had a family it just he don't remember it but when a certain incident gave him a chance to remember what would he do?

DENNY BBY ILY (platonically, I mean.) A girls gotta ship, ya know?)
Mavis0091 Mavis0091 Apr 20
Ahh... I see this part... Denmark discovered America for the first time...
Denmark: I think I'm a bunny!
                              Iceland: But your not a bunny, your a monster!
                              (Sad violin music)
Also FIND DEM AGAIN AMERICA wait didnt canada also get found by the nordics too and was called Vinland?
Who the feck put these onions right here!!!! It makes it like I'm dying a lil inside!
-Tsukihana- -Tsukihana- Nov 08, 2016
Ouch, that must hurt so bad!! Btw, I did read that fanfiction too and it's great. I'm happy there will be another like that. ^^