Change | 707 x Hacker!Reader

Change | 707 x Hacker!Reader

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明♡ By eluira Completed

"It runs in my veins.
Your attempts will go to vain.
Don't you try to stop me -
I will never change."

When Luciel does his job in hacking into someone's information successfully, he will face a new challenge; and his entire life will change. What is that that will make his life go upside down?

NOTE: This book is spoiler-free and will not contain any spoilers for any route, so feel free to read!

completed as of December 5th, 2016.
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The Plot © Shirai Akira

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Crazygamergirl97O Crazygamergirl97O 4 days ago
tbh i probably wouldn’t hear it over my headphones so i can’t talk
biancasarratori biancasarratori 4 days ago
I came here to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling really attacked right now
EmptySinks EmptySinks Oct 12
5th time re reading this like uhhhhhh. THIS BOOK SNATCHED MY WIG
ThatGurlCanRead ThatGurlCanRead 2 days ago
Roses are reds 
                              Violets are blues
                              Did bae hack me?
                              Cause that would be 
                              Very sad indeed 
                              Seven kiss me if I am wrong
                              Is 2 plus 4 = 29?
I'VE BEEN EXPOSED! Senpai please stop shaming me... ( only difference is I'm not 20 )
ktvantaes ktvantaes Sep 16
i could hear his voice and see his sticker that's saying yahoo ;-;