Teaching The Playboy How To Sing

Teaching The Playboy How To Sing

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TJCharms By TJCharms Updated Dec 12, 2018

Mystique is  your average teenage girl with a beautiful voice and a troubled past. She and her family move into a new town where she meets the ultimate jerk of a Playboy- River. He is charming, drop dead gorgeous, athletic... but he can't sing and although she cannot put her finger on it something about him seems... familiar. 

But what will happen when Playboy River loses a bet and is forced to enter the schools musical? What will happen when he is forced to ask for Mystique's help? And why is River so familiar to her? Could this "just business" situation turn into something more than just friendship?

There are secrets to be revealed, walls to be broken, green eyed monsters to face and hearts to be fixed. The ultimate question is: Can love overcome the past?

"Why don't you find me attractive?!" An annoyed river asked for at least the eleventh time today. 

"Why are you still asking me this?" It was Friday and I had been bombarded by River throughout the entire week. And it was getting really annoying!

"Why are you answering my question with a question?" He asked raising his perfectly shaped thick eyebrow. 

"Just shut up and go home I'm so done here!" I said slamming my locker door closed, "At least for two whole glorious days I won't have to see your ugly face with that annoying smirk!"

"Okay firstly ouch! And secondly I actually really know where you live!" He made that same annoying smirk again. 

I felt a little chill crawling up my spine. He was so creepy. 

"Look Skyscraper I have to go and audition for the choir, okay. Please go and bother someone else." I said closing my hands into tight fists. 

I then turned and looked right at him with my arms folded. He, as always had his hands folded and a smirk on his face. Such an idiot. 

"Ooooh! Can I see your audition? I would love to have a good laugh!" He said. 

And just because he said those insulting words, I smiled, nodded and said, "Well you sure are going to be on the floor in shock!"

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