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MyStreet - The Bigger Move rp

MyStreet - The Bigger Move rp

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♥gaвι da lazy poтaтoe♥ By Little_BlackSoul Updated Feb 16


PLMOKY PLMOKY Dec 19, 2016
Name- Tereana, goes by TJ
                              Nickname- Puppy
                              Age- 23
                              B-Day- June 10
                              Crush- Gene
                              Relationship- dating Gene 
                              Roommates- None
                              Pets- a wolf pup named Dodger
                              Family- Aaron (she's adopted)
                              Personality- nice, funny, smart, nerd, bookworm, short temper, stressed easily, can be shy or flirty
Toolouseave Toolouseave Feb 13
                              Name: Valentina Lycan
                              Nickname: Vale
                              Age: 19
                              Birthday: 8/21
                              Looks: long wavy dirty blonde hair, slightly tanned skin, Hazel eyes
                              Crush: Laurance
                              Relationship: Single
                              Roomates: No one
                              Pets: black Chiuhahua named Sofia
                              Family: Aaron
                              Personality: Nice, funny, sweet, caring, flirty
xxcrazynoobever50xx xxcrazynoobever50xx Dec 14, 2016
Mcdonalds(why i have to say this?)
                              Full name:paul reza
                              Birthday:january 14 1990
                              Crush:aeroplane crash XD
                              Realition ship:enemies
                              Pets:denis the gamer
                              Looks:blue hair,crazy
                              Personality:he like crazy
                              Name: Midnight sky 
                              Nickname: Sky
                              Age: 19
                              Birthday: May 26th
                              Looks: may I tag you ?
                              Crush: Zane
                              Relationship: Single 
                              Roommates: Kawaii~chan
                              Pets: A Black cat named lucky 
                              Family: Lucinda 
                              Personality: Strange,Helpful,Dark,Fangirl,Sweet,Twisted
QueenSnowflakee QueenSnowflakee Oct 25, 2016
Full name: Cassidy Althean
                              Nickname: Cassie
                              Age: 22
                              Birthday: January 23
                              Crush: Gene
                              Pets: None
                              Family: Lucinda
                              Personality: Lazy, Very childish, Flirty, Stubborn, sweet, random, Outgoing.
                              Looks: Straight long brown hair, Navy blue cat ears and tail (Meif'wa)