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Undertale Lemons

Undertale Lemons

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_UnderFell_Sans_ By _UnderFell_Sans_ Updated 5 days ago

I'll do any AU, character X character (so like undyne X alphys for example) character X OC, character X reader. (Warning: this is a book of dirty sins don't read if you are a precious cinnamon roll!!!)

if you have the time can you do an Reader'sOC x Underlust!Sans? I'm sorry if this takes your time
My brother wants Undyne, so just... don't tell him I said that, I want to prank him.
Magica_Undertale Magica_Undertale Sep 10, 2016
Umm I dunno my friend says Underlust sans is very cute and innocent so why not UL sans X reader??? >\\\\\<
Bill Sans X Fem! Reader (Lemons)
                              Dusttale G! Sans X Fem! Raeder (lemons)
DeStuffs DeStuffs Dec 21, 2016
Can you do a monster named maple, basically a human, but has cat feautured everting, an dis a monster, X sans??? If possible
babbybunbun101 babbybunbun101 Nov 27, 2016
CJ <my OC> x Ink sans 
                              (To get info on CJ read my book FAIRYTAIL's Angel (this is you choice I don't care if you read the book or not))