All Flowers Must Die - A Harry Potter AU

All Flowers Must Die - A Harry Potter AU

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The Dark Lord By DuchessTatiana Updated Sep 13, 2017

Harvey Potter, the-boy-who-lived, Defeater of The Dark Lord. Not a month goes by without his picture on the front page of the paper, most of the time with his mother and father, James and Lily Potter. Dumbledores golden boy. The wizarding world loves them. 

Ha! The Dark Lord didn't die that night. And Harvey Potter wasn't alone. Harry and Hannah, his triplets. Adopted by Voldemort and trained for years these stunningly attractive drama queens Hannah and Harry are going to take Hogwarts by storm. Without revealing their true identities to anyone, especially there despised Birth Parents and Dumbledore, they have a mission (or quest as Hannah calls it) for the Dark Side that will bring the return of Voldemort. 

But what will happen if anyone finds out its them? 
What really happened that night that changed the Potter family forever? 
And most importantly, who is the most awesome Potter triplet? (Hint: its Hannah) (Nah!) (Shut up Harry) 

Wrong-boy-who-lived AU 
Lily and James Alive 
Voldemort in physical form (don't worry that is explained)

COVER BY: Honeyfern1026

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imperialknightEmily imperialknightEmily Apr 19, 2017
Wait so is harry the harry we know or the other one I'm so confused...
Ren12319 Ren12319 Feb 11, 2017
Dood, like, I remember this book when it had like ten reads and now it has like three throusand!
TheShyOneInTheCorner TheShyOneInTheCorner Sep 09, 2016
I love these kind of stories! I have read
                              I enjoy the parts when she can't mean it to Crucio her brother. Harry is a jerk, but that's why I like it.
                              Hope you update soon!