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Six By InnocenctMindd Updated Apr 28

I found a few of these very fun so I wanted to make one. Hope you join!

Amy_Kim Amy_Kim Nov 27, 2016
Name Amy 
                              Age 16
                              Sexuality straight 
                              Gender  female 
                              Species human 
                               Personality shy but fun 
                              Outfit black jeans and a white hoodie 
                              Likes games 
                              Dislikes none 
                              Background ???
                              Party dress a short black dress a little puffy
Allexn121 Allexn121 Oct 22, 2016
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: Male
                              species: neko but hideshis tail and ears
                              personality:shy, caring about friends, has anger issues
                              Likes: anything nice
                              Dislikes: Anything mean
                              Backround: parentskilled when he was 3. he then had abusive step parents who TRIED to cut off his blu ears and green tail
FreshMemes FreshMemes Nov 20, 2016
Name: Victor Hale
                              Age: 15
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Gender: male
                              Species: human
                              Personality: funny, carefree, friendly, cocky at times
                              Likes: music, people, abstract art
                              Dislikes: jerks
                              Background: find out
TairaUmada TairaUmada Dec 02, 2016
Name: Taira Umada
                              Age: 14
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Gender: Female
                              Species: Human
                              Personality: Shy
                              Looks: Profile Pic 
                              Likes: -find out-
                              Dislikes: -find out-
                              Backstory: She was used as a experiment 
                              Other: She wears a eyepatch and she never takes it of and never lets anyone see underneath it
DayaoVeronicaMaria DayaoVeronicaMaria Nov 27, 2016
Chi-Chi Yasuna
                              18 yrs old
                              Shy, quiet, loving, clingy, clumsy
                              Looks: My profile pic
                              Likes cats, cakes, music, sleeping, pillows
                              Hates thunder, spiders, blood, death
                              Others: She didn't know who is her father, and she didn't want to be left alone.
Booacolle Booacolle Nov 27, 2016
Name: Candor
                              Age: 15
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Gender: Female
                              Species: Hooman
                              Personality: Energetic, unprofessional, clever
                              Looks: profile picture 
                              Likes: Sugar, dancing, playing
                              Dislikes: Sour things, sitting still, and being bored
                              Backstory: Find out 
                              Other: she can do magic