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small talk // phan

small talk // phan

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ㅤ By purehowell Updated Feb 17

"why don't you talk?"
"why don't you stop?"
    ; copyright © 2016

Anon_Nerd19 Anon_Nerd19 Jan 12
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh shít we literally just studied Australia and I want to move there.. Um is it Canberra? Somebody please tell me I'm right...
PJ! wait okay hold on if i read enough fanfics ik that pj is gonna be mean or rude. *prays to the fanfic gods/goddesses (cuz equality) to make pj nice*
Wait there is a capital of Australia? Damn I should be ashamed of myself. I thought that there were only capitals of states of Australia but I guess not (what a great Australian I am)
I'm hoping its not Dan because if they have sex he would be underage and like I agree with everyone human contact is horrible
Dan says "catch me outside how bout dah"😂😂😂 I'm sry I had to
Ok #pedo no alright Phil is no pedo just no alright Dan needs to be older