Markiplier Smuts || • Currently Being Edited! • ||

Markiplier Smuts || • Currently Being Edited! • ||

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daddy wilford  🥀✨ By koalamama Completed

Mark x Reader Smut Shots.

WARNING: In this book, which is a SMUT, it will containt EXTREME explicit detail. 

Random names will be used in this book as well. (So if the name is actually your name, I apologize, I didn't intend on using it, just made up a name for a filler). 

y/n - your name
l/n - last name
e/c - eye color
h/l - hair length
h/c - hair color
y/h - your height
y/w - your weight
f/m - favorite movie
f/vg - favorite video game
f/s - favorite song
f/c - favorite color

I don't whether to be aroused by the gif or disturbed of how innocent fanfiction turned to Markiplier smut
ow my cartilage ear piercing BOI BE CAREFUL WITH THE FÜCKING GIRL!!!
lames17 lames17 Apr 21
i've been writing imagines for a long time, so i'm going to give some advice. only use y/n or y/l/n, anything else pulls the reader out of the story. i found all of the (h/l) stuff to be extremely cringy
AikaPheles AikaPheles May 31
When I read the "naughty naughty" part, I HEARD Mark's voice in my head.... 😶😳😱
OH WAY OH OH OH WAY OH!!! 50 shades darker baby. I'm sorry lmao
I'm in church at the moment😂😂😂😵😵😵Jesus Christ, please cleanse my soul🙏🙏🙏🙏