•L'amour de ma vie [Ciel x Reader]•

•L'amour de ma vie [Ciel x Reader]•

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[Le L'amour de ma vie Means 'The Love of My Life'] 

You are the Queen's Tiger, and is being forced to work with the Queen's Guard Dog, Ciel Phantomhive, as said by the majesty herself. 

What happens when Ciel falls for you, and you fall for him? 

Does a simple mission given by the queen ends up being a love story? 

! I Do Not Own Black Butler !

Some strong language in this book, please dont report this book when I've already warned you.


This is so childish right now, like I can't even. 😂😂😂😂
DAMMIT LIGHT WHAT DID I TELL YOU?! (Get it? Light from DL? No? I give up)
I say this in my head whenever my brother gets angry over me stealing his Halloween candy
HyruleMoonWolf101 HyruleMoonWolf101 6 days ago
How can I walk in heels in this book? I can barely STAND in heels in real life. That's sad.
miketta7 miketta7 Oct 26
Ciel too if you have watched the entire series he says that at least once
Omg that little argument was so funny I was laughing so hard and nice with the Ouran High School Host Club reference