A Different Kind of Princess

A Different Kind of Princess

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Taylor By Bookloverandreader Updated Jan 07, 2012

Princess Jerica was shut off from the world. Her parents didn't want anyone to see her, they were afraid. Afraid of the mocking and insults that would become of their daughter. She was special, in more ways than one. One, she had Lukemia and was undergoing a serious chemotherapy which meant losing her hair. The king and queen were ashamed and kept her locked up in her tower.

Jerica, meaning strong and gifted ruler, spent her days reading and learning. Learning about a special gift she had that was given from her fairy god mother. She is able to enter any book and interact with characters and then go back to her room magically. Jerica is strong willed and fearless, and never dreamed of getting over this chemotherapy and definitely didn't dream of falling in love. So when she enters a book one day and falls in love with a commoner she's screwed. Jerica doesn't even know if she can bring him back to her world and live a happily ever after with him, much less if he'd want to.

Her goals in live are now: bring back her 'prince' charming, get over her chemo, and live a happily ever after.

summerdays16 summerdays16 Dec 03, 2012
Please complete this and send it to disney, It would be amazing! Well done for thinking of this!:D