My Art Book

My Art Book

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Triggered Fangirl By dacatnextdoor14 Updated 2 hours ago

Alrighty, I finally decided to make one of these! My art probably looks like crap now but just you wait! It'll get better! Okay enough with whatever that was, enjoy! ((The quantity of exclamation points makes me appear really hyped up XD))

-You can use any art in the book if you want ((I don't really care as long as you credit me))
-Be prepared for Sans and Undertale along with some OCs ((and more randomness))
-These will all be hand-drawn ((I don't have any art programs let alone a laptop or computer ;-;))
-I guess I could take requests? ((Nothing dirty though, I ain't drawing that))

((COVER ART IS... oh wait, it is mine))

UnderneaththeTales UnderneaththeTales Dec 24, 2016
Wait just a moment... I just realized when you sent this out. It was on my birthday... wow. Just... wow.