My Art Book

My Art Book

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Sanspai69 By dacatnextdoor14 Updated 21 hours ago

Alrighty, I finally decided to make one of these! My art probably looks like crap now but just you wait! It'll get better! Okay enough with whatever that was, enjoy!

-You can use any art in the book if you want (I don't really care as long as you credit me)
-Be prepared for Sans and Undertale along with some OCs (and more randomness)
-These will all be hand-drawn (I don't have any art programs let alone a laptop or computer ;-;)
-I guess I could take requests? (Nothing dirty though, I ain't drawing that)

((COVER ART IS... oh wait, it is mine))

poppy_heart poppy_heart Sep 20
Oml I'm crying for 2 reasons...
                              1) THE FEEEEEEEEEEEELZ!!!!!
                              2) OML WHY ARE U SUCH A GOOD ARTIST???!?!?!?!?!!?!?!