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Yandere Yoosung x Reader

Yandere Yoosung x Reader

179K Reads 2.7K Votes 41 Part Story
-Jaehee-Kang- By YandereComet2017 Updated Jan 07

After Yoosung finds about the bomb in your house, he comes to your rescue. He kidnaps you, claming that he's protecting you. Will you make it out without anyone dying, or with many deaths, possibly including your own? This story is kind of like an actual dating simulator, where the choices you make will decide what end you will get. This is an uncompleted story, but there will only be two or three ends. Choose Wisely. (SPOLIERS FOR ONE OF YOOSUNG'S BAD ENDS!!)

A..I think if I chose B then he would be pissed and stuff lol
Let me see...:
                              •I'm been kidnapped
                              •I got kissed by a Yandere 
                              •The Yandere threatened his friends only for my sake..
                              So I think my day has gone worst ways..
Er welll......
                              You sorta kidnapped meh yoosung
                              And er... i dont wanna upset you
                              So ya
Ichigo505 Ichigo505 Dec 07, 2016
I want to do the bad route but at the same time I want to be good with him </3 ;-; I choose A
MDeigh17 MDeigh17 Feb 16
I'm trying to decide if I'm too much of a BTS fangirl or if others see these too
YandereComet2017 YandereComet2017 Sep 10, 2016
I wouldn't mind because I love him alot.. But I would be pretty intimidated by his presence..