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[Yandere!Yoosung x Reader(Interactive)]

[Yandere!Yoosung x Reader(Interactive)]

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nyanderessama/choklitmew By AlsandairFord Updated Jun 07

After Yoosung pays Seven a visit, asking him for your address, he rushes off to save you. You could not wait to leave that apartment, and to meet Yoosung, finally, so you hoped This would all end soon... and it did. He kidnaps you, claiming that he is protecting you. Yoosung will do anything at all to keep you to himself and keep you safe.. He practically loves you to death.
{This is an interactive story. You will choose what happens at the end of each chapter until you reach an end. Your choices alter the storyline, and will determine what end you get. This an uncompleted story, but the number of ends I have will be limited to ten. Choose Wisely. (SPOILERS FOR ONE OF YOOSUNG'S BAD ENDS!!)}

I love how you put choices for a different story line!! 👌
A..I think if I chose B then he would be pissed and stuff lol
DancingPen DancingPen Apr 03
I'm impressed, because canonically, Yoosung becomes a veterinarian...
MDeigh17 MDeigh17 Feb 16
I'm trying to decide if I'm too much of a BTS fangirl or if others see these too
catmeow9 catmeow9 Feb 12
.....i knew if i get back into reading fanfics i will inhale too much oxygen, get a heat attack and die from fangirling. Was I right? Yes, yes i was. :|
                              I WONT FORGIVE MYSELF IF I UPSET YOOSUNG😢
                              But also.....
                              I dont wanma die😐
                              Still going with B