I'm Not Worth It //Septiplier Story//

I'm Not Worth It //Septiplier Story//

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Septiplier_Always By Septiplier_Always Updated Jun 10

ok guys so this is meant to be a sad story..kinda..well not all of it is sad but it has some really sad moments 

WARNING:this story will have suicidal thoughts,cutting,bullying, and smut so if you not into that type of stuff I wouldn't be reading this 

hope you guys like it

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Natalyco Natalyco Aug 31
Wait what happened with your baby brother?!?!? Is he okay?!?
_Mozelle_ _Mozelle_ Nov 02
If you would like someone to help edit the story I could help. Little advice (I’m not hating), there’s always a space after a comma or a punctuation mark.
Idk why but I just adore stories like this
                              Im not a monster. I promise
WhyNot121 WhyNot121 Jul 26
Would you object at the idea of me editing this book? I've edited a few other books, and just wanna improve my skills. Plus I really like this book. I wouldn't change anything important, If not that's totally fine :)
fuzzy52401 fuzzy52401 Feb 25
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude or anything but it's My Immortal by Evanescence. 😫 Sorry!