Teaching The Players A Lesson #Wattys2018 #COMPLETED

Teaching The Players A Lesson #Wattys2018 #COMPLETED

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Daydreamer♡♤Marwa By QueenMeMarwa Completed

Betrayal is one of the worst types of pain.

Especially, if you're betrayed by the ones closest to you.

Anger. Can change you.

It can make you capable of doing things you never thought you could pull off.

After Hayley Montgomery was betrayed by her best friend and boyfriend she decided to get revenge.

Tired of seeing hearts broken because of narcissistic players so it's time to get revenge for all those girls that were victims to them.

She's popular, she's got the looks, the grades, the fame and the boyfriend she had always wanted.

Until he cheated on her and humiliated her.

Now it's time for her to teach these boys a lesson. 

She has four targets she's wanting to take down. let's see how it feels when someone plays with your emotions and heart.

Lets see how these boys feel when she uses them all for her personal gain and then dumps them.

These players will soon find out not to mess with Hayley Montgomery.

"Don't play with fire or you'll get burnt", I whispered.

"Oh you're a player? Nice to meet you I'm the coach"

"Even a good player will sometimes become a toy of a better player, it's called Karma".

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irenedinh05 irenedinh05 Jun 15, 2017
mesmerise? popularist? Yeah, you might be nice and gorgeous, but definitely not the brightest.
first i thought she was a bitch... then i read the other part and i was like oh she's nice ok
lizziejack1030 lizziejack1030 Aug 06, 2017
At least it's not one of those characters who's like played by Nina Dobrev and they're like I'm not pretty I'm just 'ugly' or 'average'
I have been cheated on sure I cried but the next day I went up to him and showed him my love for him aka kissing his best friend and said, "Isn't Karma a bitch?" winked and walked away
XxWriteToReadxX XxWriteToReadxX Mar 14, 2017
"I'm the most popularist girl"
                              Whatever you say sweetie.
Babyshab12 Babyshab12 Mar 24
How would you like it if I do the things you do put you on do not disturb and entertain these dudes.😍