Abducted By My Mate(s)?!

Abducted By My Mate(s)?!

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Demri By Magdadem000 Updated Sep 26, 2015

"You feel the pull just like we do Sophie." He said leaning down and feeling his large warm hand up my thigh. My breath hitched at his touch. I made no move to remove his hand. Our eyes were fixed on each other. His eyes were dark, and in some way turned me on even more.

"You don't want me to stop." He whispered getting closer to me. I felt his other hand find it's way to my thigh as well.

Sophie is an innocent 16 year old girl,  that finds herself craving the touch and affection of her four kidnappers that are in their mid twenties. 
Little does she know her kidnappers are 4 powerful allied alphas that happened to mate with her. 
Will she stay willingly when she finds out who they are? And if so, how will she take on the role of being Nova for four packs, What if that turns out to be the least of her worries?