Why me? (Dan and Phil)

Why me? (Dan and Phil)

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Phan_Lord By Phan_Lord Updated Nov 20, 2016

Hi! Millie kettle here, i go to A boarding school called London academy. The boarding school contains boys and girls, boys are in a different area to girls though.

Why am I at a boarding school you ask? Simple. My parents thought I was the devil because my eye color changes on my mood. Making me a target to bullies. 

Although I'm bullied I do have a friend, His name is Anthony, he knows the bullying happens and tries to help but I've just told him to stay away. The more he intervenes the more pain I get, now he understands.

Who are my bullies you ask? None other than Dan, Phil, PJ and Chris. They are the most popular guys going here and as I've said before then bully me because I'm different and my eyes change color on my mood.

That's enough information for now, let's get started. welcome to my story, from when I moved here to this point now.

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