Prison Soap (AOT/SNK/EreMin)

Prison Soap (AOT/SNK/EreMin)

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Alixandra Kento By AliHipster Completed

After Armin gets too curious with the murder of a woman in his building, he ends up serving at least twenty five years in prison for it. Now, the rules of this prison were much like any other prison, except for one rule created by the ring leader of the prisoners.

"Don't drop the soap"

WARNING: Rape (obviously), Consensual Sex, and other things you would go to prison for

mello2004 mello2004 Sep 11, 2016
This has got to be one of the best chapter titles I've ever seen
aloisbitchy aloisbitchy Sep 15, 2016
I ask myself the last part all the time at school..... Hehe •-•
Shingeki-No-Destiel Shingeki-No-Destiel Sep 10, 2016
Levi seems almost too nice right now. I can see something bad happening with him in the future.
lovechild5 lovechild5 Sep 11, 2016
This is nice (lol not for Armin😏) but this is realy good and hope you update when you can yo👍😎😉💖