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Dont Put Off for Tomorrow What You Can Spy Today, A Gallagher Girl Fanfiction

Dont Put Off for Tomorrow What You Can Spy Today, A Gallagher Girl Fanfiction

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Ericka, with a "ck" .write it incorrectly and ill get mad ¬¬ By browneyedgirl_24 Updated Aug 09, 2013

My continuation of Only the Good Spy Young :) : I had seen the symbol the man wore around his neck more than I would have liked to in the past months.Unfortunately, knowing how to speak 14 different languages and at least 5 different ways to kill a man using basic items, some of which could be found in a kitchen cabinet (Trust me, it's not that hard), couldn't have prepared me for the hand that touched my shoulder at that moment, and the voice that came with it

"Hello Gallagher girl, you couldn't seriously think you'd get rid of me that easily, did you?"

moonlighthunter21 moonlighthunter21 Aug 29, 2013
I knew it! The plot sounds familiar. I think I have read think in 
                              So what is your name in Or what is the name of the title in
NinjaChicky NinjaChicky Mar 20, 2012
HAHAHA AWESOME!! i love the gallagher series, just a few more months and the next book is coming out, i so cant wait but in the mean time i could be ready this awesome as story keep it up :)
bookworm2408 bookworm2408 Feb 08, 2012
I <3 your chapters.  They are soo awesome!  I can't wait for the next chapter!!  Gallagher Series is my favorite! I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH ZACH GOODE! LOL =D
firooz firooz Nov 14, 2011
AWESUM!!! I luved the Gallagher series so much! I havnt seen any but this! I'm so excited 4 the nxt 1! U write a lot like the author, which rox!
thatcrazybookworm thatcrazybookworm Aug 11, 2011
so far you pretty much wrote exactly what i wanted to happen after only the good spy young! love it already!
browneyedgirl_24 browneyedgirl_24 Jul 11, 2011
@SeaweedBrain121 I will as soon as I get back home from my trip, all my chapters are saved there :(