Ereri Oneshots/Lemons.

Ereri Oneshots/Lemons.

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Why? By TheYoaiLemonQueen Updated 18 minutes ago

mostly lemons.

give me suggestions. 

story is edited so it's not shit.

(most of them Eren will be a sub. Levi will be a Dom.) 

Also, strictly YAOI AND YURI VERSIONS OF LEVI AND EREN ONLY! Dont ask me for x reader because I don't like straight things. And yeah, I know I did it in this book but it was only because it was for a good friend, otherwise, don't ask plz.  ~ TheYaoiLemonQueen.

Hiiwxt Hiiwxt Dec 25, 2016
*Me and Mama Hanji start recording the audio*
                              UUUWWWAAAHHHHH!! (:<
Levi: LOUDER!!
                              Me: *flinches at phone screen* (yes, I did just do that)
sadiste_mazochiste sadiste_mazochiste Sep 22, 2016
Omg I'm sweating and my face is red  o///o I need more of this XD ... #foreverapervert
Disney_24 Disney_24 2 days ago
I mean technically... it was a statement/ rhetorical question because there wasn't a question mark at the end of it...