Candy Lady 5

Candy Lady 5

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"Montana"! I said running over to my brother and hugging him. "Wassup Nita " he said smiling then he looked over at Romeo and Marco "yawl ain't going to give yawl nigga no love ". 
     They were just as shocked as I was. "What what happen where were you"? "Nigga kidnapped me had me locked up and shit till I agreed to do what he wanted . I guess I took to long so he dress and shit as me but I escaped . Nigga had some weak niggas watching me so it wasn't hard for me to get away". 
      "How long"? I asked "just a few months after he had me fake my death. I wanted to come back but I knew it was risky so I laid low. Then I found out he was after you Nita so shit I had to come back and here I am". 
      I hugged him again. "I missed you so much man " "I missed you too sis and you knuckle head niggas". I looked at him "let's get your ass home and washed up you look like you need a home cooked meal". 

Fast forward 6 months 

        "Bitch bye who nigga you got ? Huh n...

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