The Darkness Behind A Good Man's Smile  (Darkiplier)

The Darkness Behind A Good Man's Smile (Darkiplier)

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Sophie ☻ By SeptiplierSquid Updated Oct 08, 2017

Mark was just a kid when Dark first revealed himself. Now he's an adult, with a job, a life and a large fan base but it appears Dark has grown up too...
There are many theories about Darkiplier, a few being:
•A demon possessing Mark
•A shape shifter mimicking Mark
•Split personalities
•imaginary friend
•voice in mark's head
•tulpa (something brought to life through mass belief, e.g. slender man becoming real because he has so many fans)

My theory is almost a mix of all of these and here it is...


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RainaLyles RainaLyles Sep 28, 2017
I don't know which one came first but did you base this off of Real Darkness? I'm not accusing you of stealing I know it kinda sounds like that
---boop--- ---boop--- Sep 11, 2016
Welp.....Dark may have come out of Mark now tho....cuz he was in his 14mil video ;)
GalaxyPaw4 GalaxyPaw4 Sep 10, 2016
Oml just the first sentence Mark got BULLIED!?!?!? THEM @$$Holes 😣
sulkingwriter sulkingwriter Sep 29, 2016
Omg I found this fic on amino, so excited to read it 😆😆