Cinderella's Game (Cinderella Series Book I) - Mature Romance

Cinderella's Game (Cinderella Series Book I) - Mature Romance

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He starts the game. She joins him. Who wins? 

Amanda Montgomery swears not to fall in love with the dashing, teasing, mysterious and arrogant Ethan Henry, the man who disguised himself as the strangely overly caring chauffeur and as the notorious businessman Mr. Thomas Henry. Thrilling and sensual toward the end, the book plaits doubt with taking risks, revenge with forgiveness, treachery with love, teaching two people the true meaning of passion, taking chances, and the beauty of falling in love.

Guarded and shy Amanda Montgomery loses her fortune the night her father mysteriously died. Uncertain of her future, she is forced to stay in Hartley, her family's estate, while her stepmother and sisters have to leave to seek for greener pasture. Stricken with the desire to find out the truth about her father's untimely death and the questionable last will, Amanda will have to put up with the peculiarity of the Henrys-the new masters of the house and the Montgomery fortune. She meets the arrogant Ethan Henry, whom she thought was Thomas Henry's chauffeur because of his uncanny and ungentlemanly behavior.  But despite Ethan Henry's playful acts and haughtiness, Amanda will find him irresistible, most especially his sea of blue-those enigmatic blue eyes which seem to her oddly familiar.

With a plan behind his mind, tricky and clever Ethan Henry takes over Hartley and tries to seduce Amanda not for mere entertainment. When Amanda finds out about this, she swears to hate the man and his dirty tactics. 

Second book, Cinderella's Wish, is out. Third book on hold.

  • adult
  • alpha
  • amnesia
  • business
  • charming
  • cinderella
  • deception
  • disguise
  • hot
  • innocence
  • kiss
  • males
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  • prince
  • revenge
  • steamy
SJulietteK97 SJulietteK97 Aug 01, 2016
I've created a blog( it's a work in progress). You should check it out:
Zachary333 Zachary333 May 24, 2016
Oh my goodness I am definitely going to love this book, I just love your style of writing. Great start!
Ozgeerdur1999 Ozgeerdur1999 May 26, 2014
Cinderellllaaaaaaaaaa  i couldn't find a glass slipper emoji , but oh well ;)
Voyageavecmoi Voyageavecmoi Jan 10, 2014
Hi, catching up on the R-Rated book club. Intriguing beginning. I like how the focus on these eyes and you build her college memory loss around the pleasant sensation created by them. Looking forward to reading on.
RoshelleD RoshelleD Dec 30, 2013
had to add another comment saying there are no spelling errors. Sorry about that.
RoshelleD RoshelleD Dec 30, 2013
Hi I'm in the R rated book club and have popped by to review.  I have to say you've hooked me on these eyes! There were some spelling errors but they didn't take away from the story. Nice job with the prologue.!