His Sister | Benny Rodriguez | √

His Sister | Benny Rodriguez | √

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After Yeah Yeah makes fun of Smalls, his sister Makenna McLennan shows up and sticks up for him. She decides to play with them at the Sandlot and Benny very slowly develops feelings for her.

   "Do you like my sister?"

   "No, I'm gay."

  "What. The. Fuck."

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SuperWhoLock66 SuperWhoLock66 Jul 22, 2017
Is it weird that is my name and is spelled  exactly the same way
adambnks-- adambnks-- Nov 26, 2017
When y'all are talking about C's and I'm talking about D's and retaking tests and classes
5sos1d4ever3 5sos1d4ever3 Jul 27, 2017
I have the same name but it's spelled with a 'C' and a capital K, so 'McKenna'
ari25768 ari25768 Feb 07, 2017
Im like the opposite of this. "Actually once i got a C but it should've been a B😂"