The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend

The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend

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Laylaa K. By xThePineappleGirlx Updated Nov 18

Ella Christina McKinnon is broke. Nobody will hire her and the only thing left in her fridge is an avocado that is most likely already rotten.

She is innocent and will do whatever someone tells her to do, even of she doesn't want to. 

Throw in the devilishly handsome billionaire, Leon Belmonte, who is known for his money, arrogance and cold heart, and what do you get? 

A job possibility and one hell of a steamy sex scene.

Just kidding...


Warning: There will be slow updates because I'm trying to update my other books as well. 

#72 in Romance 

livvyg1 livvyg1 Nov 21
Peel the avacardo peel the avacardo
                              Quack a mole quack quack a mole 
                              *Does silly dance*😂😂😂😂
So she would strip and ride a dog's face! 🙅🙏🙏🙏🙏
I'm really jealous with schools that have lessons about other languages.
It's Marlene's sister! Why aren't you attending your Transfiguration class?! Minnie's gonna kill you! 😡💢😂
Who was the guy you had up as cast before you cancelled because he was a little hottie
I don't have an imagination, unless you count dreaming about wrestling a burger as imagination