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Eyes On Me

Eyes On Me

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sir.bizzle By bizzleftsizzler Updated 4 days ago

- she was so pure, so innocent and someone had his eyes on her -   

"you came in the right place If you're looking for trouble, honey"

sia_lb sia_lb Sep 09, 2016
Omg I m in love with this already!! Plz update soon!! It seems to me like it's going to b a unique one!!!😍😍
SGomezJBieber SGomezJBieber Nov 27, 2016
Wtf, is he like..40?! 😷 But it's really nice writing 😊
jelcna jelcna Nov 18, 2016
get someone who adores you the way Justin adores selena😍😩
selyy1992 selyy1992 Dec 03, 2016
Is he a stalker or something ???
                              HE IS CREEPING THE HELL OUTTA ME
SGomezJBieber SGomezJBieber Nov 27, 2016
I wish my mom was like that..
                              me: *goes to a friend's house for the first time ever*
                              me 2 weeks later: Mom, can I hang out with my friends after school?
                              mom: NO! YOU GO OUT TOO MUCH! STAY HOME AND CLEAN!
Well it's good 
                              Since you both have crush on each other 
                              It will make things easier I guess 😜😜😜😜