In love in High School 《Septiplier》

In love in High School 《Septiplier》

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Mark Edward Fischbach is a Junior in High School. Mark's one of the popular wannabe kind. But when Jack comes to Town, that changes quickly; far to quickly. 

Ok! Hello! It is I, SeptiplierGalaxy! This is based on a High-School FanFiction, just Septiplier style! :) I hope you enjoy!! 


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AntiGamer00 AntiGamer00 Mar 26
Kjellberg. It's swedish like mine. Me and Felix were almost neighbors. It's so weird😁
This went way to fast they don't know anything about each-other!!!
jugheads_girl jugheads_girl Oct 31, 2017
Roses are red ,
                              Thorns are prickly,
                              Can we just say,
                              That escalated quickly
AttendedClover13 AttendedClover13 May 26, 2017
A course he likes jack saying "pfft no" is like the second thing in the book (how to tell if someone likes someone else)
Kubasaak Kubasaak Feb 19
Tbh this escalated too fast they know each other for like not ever 24 hours and then they kiss like woah
LlamaLucifer LlamaLucifer Apr 28, 2017
My parents are mad
                              I'm a Patty Prickly
                              Sean is real glad
                              And damn, that escalated quickly