What Did You Do to Me?

What Did You Do to Me?

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❴최루시엘❵~707 AKA Lucienne By BitchyRio Updated Oct 17

After being rejected by the one Lucy loves the most, she goes out on a solo job to clear her mind.

 But the job goes terribly wrong. Lucy gets attacked by a group of demons called the 'Tartaros'

Tartaros are a group of demons who despise Fairy Tail. 

Lucy gets kidnapped and being held prisoner. 

Their leader is Zeref Dragneel.

What if Zeref has given his heart away to someone who can destroy them all.

What if Lucy Heartfilia has a dark secret that can kill everyone she loves.

Read to find out!!!


I do not own Fairy Tail!!! Hiro Mashima does!!


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