Blackmail ☬|G.B.D|☬

Blackmail ☬|G.B.D|☬

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; Heвα ❂ By drugged_dolan Updated Dec 22, 2016

"So here's the deal," he glared at me, an evil look in his eye. "From now on, you are going to be my girlfriend, so I can get my revenge."

I was taken back at what he just said, "A-and what if I don't?" I manage to speak out. He's kidding right?

"Then I'll fire you, and we both know you really need this job." 

"Sir, are you blackmailing me?" 

"Yes I am." A smirk appeared on his face, "So, do you agree?"


Full description, in the book :)

AlicaMcBean AlicaMcBean Dec 25, 2016
How can you blackmail that girl own never do not things to you
icon178 icon178 Dec 17, 2016
I'm ready for this story right now!!!! Pass the popcorn seems interesting
McDolanx McDolanx Oct 16, 2016
Me: 8 hot chocolate , 500 marshmallows, 70skittles of bars, 13 bueno,  Grayson' penis, Ethan's penis too and 21-
ummmmnoooo ummmmnoooo Nov 21, 2016
I zoomed into that Dolan d*ck who else did don't lie I got ya