I Am Pregnant With The Mafia Boss [Season 1] (On-hold)

I Am Pregnant With The Mafia Boss [Season 1] (On-hold)

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Izzy Mea Eraña By ziepurple Updated Oct 16, 2016

Maddieson Jane Dickson.. The dauntless and fearless gang leader.

Red Stephen Cordova.. The casanova and heartless mafia boss.

One unexpected day, they've met.

And because of one night mistake.

Everything has changed.

Maddieson is now carrying his baby. And now they're married.

Until she realize that, she's starting to like him, same with Red.

But what are she going to do, if she'll knew a important information.

And she don't have choice but to choose.

Staying beside him, staying with her happiness.


Leaving his 'enemy'.


"Not every love story has happy ending."

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(A/N: I forgot my account so I have to create new. But I can't copy this story that's why I decided to create new. If you still want to read this story just search 'Owned Now By The Mafia Boss'. I change the scenes but still the character. Thank you.)

Xunshayn Xunshayn Sep 25, 2016
How? Sa pagkaka alam ko, mafias are very sharp at marami silang connection. How can a mere gangster kill a mafia boss? Now I'm curious
Xunshayn Xunshayn Sep 25, 2016
Such an evil man. Nakakaya mong pumatay right here right now? I-kung kaladkarin ko kaya yung polis diyan makakaya mo kaya?
Xunshayn Xunshayn Sep 25, 2016
Maybe because their parents abuse them? Or, hurt them hard physically