Mark of a Soulmate

Mark of a Soulmate

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loml Dylan By sarcasmandbluejeeps Updated Nov 16

In Beacon Hills, select people are lucky enough to be born with a birth mark. A special birthmark. The true story behind it is, whoever has the same birthmark in the same spot are soulmates. 

Stiles Stilinski has a unique birthmark on his left wrist and he's positive that the love of his life has the same one. However, he's never gotten close enough to see if his gut is correct.

Olivia Martin, also known as the girl Stiles Stilinski has been in love with ever since third grade, and her twin sister ruled beacon hills high. They shared the good looks and smarts gene, however Hunter was recognized as the pure and sweet sister.

Sophomore year, Stiles was determined to get a look at the girl's left wrist, but it might be hard considering the two have never really spoken.

Oh, and the fact that his best friend is a newly turned, out of control werewolf

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