Cold (The Old Version Of Fire And Ice)

Cold (The Old Version Of Fire And Ice)

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This fic will not be finished here, though the similar story is up for you AND WILL BE. 

Harry Potter, prior to his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry comes into a extremely rare inheritance, becoming a magical creature that he struggles to understand. 

Like all magical creatures, Harry learns that he has a destined mate. A person who is intended just for him, and just for him. At first he is petrified, but quickly becomes ecstatic at the idea. 

      As a submissive, his mate would love, and take care of him rather than making him defend himself all the time, like he had to already do, nearly every day. He meets his dominant mate on the Hogwarts Express, and learns, devastatingly that it is none other than Draco Malfoy. 

       Harry fears rejection, thinking "Malfoy will never love me!" despite constant reassuring messages from his friends and family that his mate will love him no matter who they are. They, however do not know who it is, due to Harry being to frightful to say. 

       And as the year goes on, and Harry is finally faced with the truth of his family, his heritage and the real world. Everything he has known seems to be twisting, ripping away from him, either in a lie or sick thrusting of fate. He's afraid,  so very afraid, and wants nothing more than his dominant mate or "Master" to take care of him.

     But Malfoy, seems to be ignoring him, bringing Harry to wonder if he even wants him. Is he even good enough? Is he wanted? And he can't help but thinking no. 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover picture, it's just a picture I found online, and I do not in any way own Harry Potter, or am I making any money off of this fanfiction. I merely love the Harry Potter fandom very dearly, even though J. K. Rowling ignored the fact that Harry is obviously completely and utterly gay.

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Imagine  if J.K Rowling was on wattpad and that put that they did own Harry Potter and the story was a drarry lemon
Thank you for putting that up. Most fanfics don't include this so I end up reading not realizing that it was mature. Thank you again! :)
It means it does not follow canon i.e. the events are not portrayed exactly as portrayed in the books/movies.
It means it does not follow canon i.e. the events are not portrayed exactly as portrayed in the books/movies.
YASSSSS!!! The bae!! The bae is here!!!! Bow down to the bae!
Luci-Eva Luci-Eva Jan 20
I really like the description of the pain. 
                              I know it is strange that that is my favourite part but that is me...