The Guy In The Shadows (amourshipping vs pearlshipping) [Completed]

The Guy In The Shadows (amourshipping vs pearlshipping) [Completed]

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One league: He lost. Second league: He lost. Third league: he lost. He had enough. He had enough of being so weak. He wanted his friends not to think he is weak. He ran away for a purpose. He wanted to become stronger, he didn't want his friends to think he was weak. So it had to happen, for his friends sake. 

After 5 years of hiding, he believed he was strong. So now his friends can see him. Now his friends would believe he wasn't weak. He was now stronger. He isn't hiding in the shadows anymore.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Pokemon not the characters exempt a few of them and I not good at fighting scenes with Pokemon

P.S- I'm editing right now the chapters per day so if you're ahead you'll see my typos and I'm sorry xD

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KitFrederickRamirez KitFrederickRamirez Dec 05, 2016
dude ash can do parkour and were a hood and have a hidden blade ?! that sound like assassins creed to me which is awsome and amazing chapter