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Chains (An Undertale Charisk Story)

Chains (An Undertale Charisk Story)

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They/her By overused_executioner Updated Mar 15

Frisk sat down on the pedals and looked up at the sky through the hole. It was night time so the stars were shining brightly. They were beautiful. 

So I'll be here for awhile? It's not too bad. These flowers are comfortable and the view is nice. He started to think about the girl. He thought about how broken her eyes were. They were full of fright as if there was a monster always behind her. She seemed so weak and fragile. Like anything more she would snap. 

Chara had so many cuts and bruises. Frisk had no idea how long this has been going on but it was just saddening looking at her.  Frisk started to think about the barrier. He couldn't get home. Whether that was good or bad he didn't know. 


I might change their genders to gender neutral but now Chara is a girl and Frisk is a boy. For the sex (EVEN THOUGH I FUCKING HATE DICKS!) (because I'm gay) lol

You know if she went with two years of being unable to say anything for the most part, I think she would probably forget a lot of her vocabulary.
obeyazori obeyazori Mar 11
I will fuckin mess the entire underground up (╯°□°)╯︵ ( . 0 .)  ლ( `Д’ ლ)
yuuki468 yuuki468 Sep 15, 2016
This story is amazing super detailed and well thought out. I LOVE IT!
If I were chars I would laugh a bit and say "welcome to hell"
Kid like you S H O U L D   B E   B U R N I N G   I N   H E L L
yuuki468 yuuki468 Sep 15, 2016
You know I used to like Asriel....In this story however...Someone needs to burn in hell~