A Rift in Time (Percy Jackson/Ranger's Apprentice Crossover)

A Rift in Time (Percy Jackson/Ranger's Apprentice Crossover)

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Poke_Master57 By Poke_Master57 Updated Nov 05

Takes place after the Emperor of Nihon-Ja and the Blood of Olympus

Percy Jackson is your everyday Greek Hero. Slaying monsters, roaming the underworld, defeating Titan Lords and Earth Primordials, surviving Tartarus. You know, the usual. His heroism has put him at the top of every monster's kill list. His loyalty makes him a great friend to all. His achievements bring awe into the eyes of his allies. He's been through everything anyone could think of. But even he couldn't see what was coming next.

Will Treaty. The Ranger who was apprenticed to the legendary Halt. The apprentice who forged a treaty between the notorious Skandians and Araluen. He is famous across the country, and even elsewhere, places like Arrida and Nihon-Ja. An air of mystery wraps itself around the youth like the mottled cloak of a Ranger. He and his friends have fought for the good of their country and others. Never have they had to fight for the sake of another time.

Grimsdell Wood, the forest surrounding Castle Macindaw and the home of Malcolm and his people, has been said to be haunted for years. Little under a year ago, people started disappearing. They would wander into the forest and never be seen again. Rumor had it that Malkallam would snatch them in the dark. Only a select few know that the forest is not actually haunted, but a figure of tricks and illusions. Still, villagers would disappear. Not even Malcolm knows to where. Always the Ranger, Will, along with Halt, Princess Cassandra, Horace, and Alyss investigate. Only to disappear as well. 

How will Araluen survive without its saviors?

The better question : What will happen when our favorite Medieval Legend and Greek Hero collide in an epic race against time?

Author's Note : Please pretend that Will is around the same age as Percy, even though he should be much older.